Diversify Your Macro Portfolio – Part 2 – Maximize Those Details

Great Macro tips, by the Macro Master Mike Moats

Mike Moats

I wrote an article that was published two years ago in Outdoor Photographer magazine  called “Diversify Your Macro Portfolio”. It talked about varying the different styles that are available in macro. Over the next six days I explore those various styles, and today is part two, Maximize Those Details.

My most Successful and best-selling images have been those with everything in focus. Viewers tend to like the all-in-focus look, as this is how we view the world. Our eyes see with full depth of field, so this style has a natural look. To shoot this style, I set my aperture to the highest f/stop numbers, which on most lenses is in the f/22 to f/32 range.. I know that goes against the grain of most photographers philosophy that shooting stopped down all the way will cause diffraction, or what most experience as a softness in the details. With digital this…

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