What I’m Packing In My Camera Case

I love Mikes minimalist approach to photography.
Remind me to keep it simple stupid.

Mike Moats

Daily Macro View


When I’m on the road here is what I’m packing in my camera case.

I use a Pelican hard shell case, model number 1510. This case is designed to easily fit in most overhead bins on airline trips, even though most of my trips are done on the road. I hate the hassles of flying.

When I originally bought this case I had a foam insert that you cut out sections to fit your equipment into, but I later opted for the adjustable foam padding insert that you see here. In the lid I added this mesh pocket insert that carries all my little accessories.

Starting at the bottom left opening – I have my Nikon D7000.

Next bottom opening – I have my Hoodman Loupe, 25mm extesion tube, battery charger for LED light.

Next bottom opening – Macro Field Support, which holds my diffusers in…

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