Article: Step-by-step Guide to Long Exposure Photography

Step-by-step Guide to Long Exposure Photography


Photoshop Textures

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Today I would like to talk about using textures in Adobe Photoshop on Creative Cloud.

I always enjoy watching Mark Johnson’s video tutorials. He’s so informative and creative. I just watched his video called, “Photoshop Workbench 423: Texture Blending with Adobe Paper Texture Pro” and I  loved it; check it out here.  It’s so fun to photograph and then add a bit of your own creative spin to the image, like textures for example.

I have purchased some of his photography tutorial goodies on his website.  Click here to see his amazing work.
As always…I like the before pics too but had so much fun processing texture into the photo that I wanted to share this with you.  If you comment to Mark tell him Janice sent you. 🙂
Single Poppy

antelope valley, california Wild Poppy Flower – ISO 100 f4.5 @ 1/1000

 Single Poppy Texture

poppy-8084-filter Wild Poppy Flower FA


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Workshop recaps… a 2-on-1 and Two Individual Sessions.

Harold Ross Fine Art Photography

A few months ago (yes, I’m playing catch-up), I had several workshops in one four week period. As always, I’m so proud of the images that were produced that I want to share them.

The first of these workshops, a 2-on-1, was with Fred Shiple and Tim Hacker – two friends who decided to travel together from Ohio and take a workshop. Both were experienced in photography and Photoshop, and both took very well to the process I teach at my workshops.

Fred wanted to do something traditional and simple, and as always, simple seems to work well when considering the transformational quality of light painting. He created a beautiful composition:

Fred_Shiple_WS copy

 Photograph by workshop student Fred Shiple

 Tim gravitated to my collection of old photography gear. He has an eye for color, and chose some props that worked together in that regard, and he also specifically wanted to learn to light glass objects. The reflection of one…

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