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Diffraction and High F/Stop Numbers

Diffraction and High F/Stop Numbers.

via Diffraction and High F/Stop Numbers.

Mike Moats much better explanation and illustration of why I shot at high F stops on my macro work.


Why Blacks Rule

Adjust the Blacks

Moose Peterson is all about the black levels in his images. He often underexposes by a minimum of -1/3 stop, even down to 3 stops. Here’s Moose’s Mantra:

– Blacks make for better color

– Blacks make elements look sharper

  • – Blacks add mystery taping into the viewer’s imagination
  • – Blacks from underexposure protects some highlights
  • – Blacks make for more drama and romance

Most editing programs have a specific slider dedicated to this. But Moose actually says that you can “bring all this magic to your photography by buying nothing, learning nothing—just underexposing…”

Photo by Moose Peterson

Making Good Web Images

Getting you images to look good on a web site should be something every photographer should strive for, because these images represent your work.  I have providesd a link to an Photoshelter interview with  Kristina Sherk,  who is a Washington DC-based image retoucher, photographer, photo assistant, production manager. She is an amazingly talented retoucher (just look at the before/after images on her image retouching website.)