Making Good Web Images

Getting you images to look good on a web site should be something every photographer should strive for, because these images represent your work.  I have providesd a link to an Photoshelter interview with  Kristina Sherk,  who is a Washington DC-based image retoucher, photographer, photo assistant, production manager. She is an amazingly talented retoucher (just look at the before/after images on her image retouching website.)


Software Updates

On the software front, Lightroom and Nik plugins have updates to fix bugs- Silver Efex and HDR plugins have the bug fixes and not sure what other plugins are effected. I’ve done both LR and 2 Nik, worked well to fix the tif file errors I was getting and making me crazy.. so life is good.

Adobe releases Lightroom 3.5 and ACR 6.5

Ok, it looks like they fixed a lot of problems, I’ve been banging it hard all morning and it hasn’t blue screened yet.
Here’s a link for the download
Adobe releases Lightroom 3.5 and ACR 6.5

Click here to download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v3.5 (Windows)

Click here to download Adobe Camera Raw v6.5 (Windows)

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.5RC is unstable

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.5RC is unstable Problem: crashing in develope module, seems linked to the Nik silver FX pro 2.0 causing correption in exif data.

My hardware Win XP Pro SP3 on a HP workstation 4g of ram, 50gb free space.

Had 3 crashes in last hour.

Update: It appears to create an error when writing to the TIF file from Nik Color Efex Pro 2.0

LR tiff error screen

18-200mm VR Nikkor lens comparison to 28-300mm VR3 Nikkor lens

Customer Review

4.0 out of 5 stars 18-200mm VR Nikkor lens comparison to 28-300mm VR3 Nikkor lens, August 25, 2011
This review is from: Nikon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR AF-S Nikkor Zoom Lens for Nikon Digital SLR (Electronics)

Ok, I traded my 18-200mm VR Nikon lens for the new one (28-300mm VR3) a couple of months ago. I shoot mainly on D700 and D300 bodies.
(Full Frame FX and DX crop sensor)

Here’s the PROS:
I like the faster AF-S, better VR which is instant lockup. It gets me more shots on the street. I like the tighter feel, but it didn’t loosen up. Like you I though it would. I like the solid feel, makes the 18-200mm feel like a toy. I like the longer reach too.
I also like the lock a lot. I use it more than I thought, and it’s use became second nature.

Here’s the CONS:
First the most bother some thing is the vignetting, I can’t shoot at 28mm with the full frame camera body, but it’s fine on the crop sensor.
There’s the weight issue, it didn’t seem like much, I have forgotten the numbers, but I looked at the numbers before I bough the lens, didn’t seem like much, felt OK too, BUT my shoulder feels differently about it.

I love it, still my lens of choose when I can’t change lens and have to go light and my only wish is that they fixed the vignette problem. Great travel lens for airline travel, used it exclusivity in my Paris shoot.

Holistic Photography

holistic photography

More specifically on one level fully understand and experience your shoot from the photographer’s perspective, including the subject matter and geographical landscape, applying everything you know. Enjoy the warm breeze on your face, marvel at the multiplicity of colors that exist in the manicured gardens, appreciate the nervousness manifest in the people you are shooting or alternatively observe say the erosion evident in a landscape. Observe the detail of a weathered face of an elderly person, indicative of a robust life in challenging conditions. Understand that we are all participants in a universal play. Everyone, or everything has a story to tell. Ensure you are a receptive audience.