Snow Camera Settings – Quick Tips

Tree line in snow storm

Snow can be hard to capture so I’ve added a link to Olympus site for some images that explain how to capture snow.


Featured Photo By Crystal Dickerson-Hancock

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“She Rests” is the concluding image in “The Poetry of Dreams” series. The series is a set of self portraits that look at the universal archetypal character of the “any woman”.  This particular image was made on a icy cold day, just after the sun had gone down on an abandonded dirt road behind my family’s home near Wrightwood, CA.  I used all natural light to create an alluring surreal state.  The dress is an original from the 1940’s and the suitcase is from the late 1800’s. I prefer to use vintage props to add a sence of a by-gone era.  I also choose to use…

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The 6 camera settings you need to know by heart

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Throughout the development of photographic technology, things have gotten simpler for camera users. So simple in fact that all you have to do today in order to get a great picture is to pull out your phone and snap it.


But one of the things that separate a real photographer from a Sunday shooter is the ability to master a camera. If you think of your camera as an instrument, you will realize that it takes skill and, most of all practice to make it bring out the best in you.

In terms of camera settings, digital photography has added quite a few new things on the need- to-know list that photographers had before it. However, some things never change, regardless of technology. Here are the six camera settings you should have no excuse not knowing. No matter what camera you use, knowing these settings is vital.